Tiny tails

Tiny tails

Tiny Tails is A course for puppies up to about 22 weeks of age at the start of the course. These fun and informative Small classes (Up to 8 puppies) are tailored to help you and your puppy prepare for everyday life, learning key skills and signals. The course guides you through training skills and exercises to practice, both in class and at home, to help you learn to understand each other and avoid behavioural issues.


Tiny Tails classes are timed to ensure this key developmental stage in your puppy’s life is a positive experience. As with all our classes, our methods are based on positive rewards and reinforcement.


 What do we learn in Tiny Tails?

·         Settle and relax in a class environment

·         Recall

·         the five Furry Tails basics - watch, sit, down, stand and touch

·         Introduction to lead walking

·         Interaction and socialisation (once we both agree your puppy is ready)

·         "Leave it" and swap/drop it Cues 

·         Questions and answers sessions

·         And lots more!


Course Costs?

6-Week course £60



6-Week Course Tiny Tails -

  • Tues 7th April 7pm @Furry Tails Dog World, Upton (30 minute session) 3 PLACES AVAILABLE

  • Weds 8th April 7pm @Furry Tails Dog World, Upton (30 minute session) 2 PLACES AVAILABLE

  • Sat 11th April 10:30Am @Furry Tails Dog World, Upton (30 minute session) 3 PLACES AVAILABLE


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**UPDATED 20/03/2020***

Socialisation for puppies is so key in their early months, we really don't want them to miss out on being a happy, balanced puppy. Whilst we're closing our doors on training classes for a few weeks (We'll update upcoming classes when we know more about the situation) we're running human-free classes.

For the next two weeks they are Wednesday (25th March and 1st April) at Moreton Methodist Church 6:30-7pm and 7-7:30pm, still £3 as normal. We'll come get your puppy from your car (with gloves on) and return them 30mins later (maybe bring a good book to read in the car 📙) 
Book in with Rachel on 07875 844130 as 10 pups max per class.


Terrific tails

Terrific tails

Terrific Tails is a course for dogs older than 20 weeks and younger than 20 years! It is designed for dogs who have grasped the basics of behaviour and are ready for the next step in their training. As with all of our classes, the Terrific Tails course is based on positive training methods and aims to build more advanced understanding of commands and signals. These classes start to consider the more challenging elements of canine behaviour in the real world, such as resisting temptation or how to ‘read’ other dogs.


It can be a great next step for puppies or a good recap for the older dogs that need a refresher before getting their paws stuck into more fun activities with their owners. 


What do we learn?

·         Reliable recalls

·         Reviewing the five Furry Tails basics - watch, sit, down, stand and touch

·         Stay and wait cues

·         Dealing with  distractions

·         Food manners

·         ‘Leave’ CUE

·         Lead walking

·         How to play (sounds simple but there's lots to learn to ensure fun and safety for all)

·         And lots more!



Course Costs?

6-Week course £65




6-Week Course Terrific Tails -

  • Weds 8th April 7:30pm @Furry Tails Dog World, Upton (45 minute session)PLACES AVAILABLE


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Tremendous tails

Tremendous Tails 


Tremendous Tails is a follow-on course for dogs and owners who have completed the Terrific tails course or equivalent behaviour courses previously and are looking for a continuous challenge, stimulation and fun! It is designed for dogs who would like to progress in their training and owners who are interested in developing their understanding of their dog’s motivations. It is ideal for strengthening and maintaining a close bond between owner and dog and is a great way to practice those communication skills!


Tremendous Tails courses are also beneficial for dogs who require extra stimulation and challenge to keep them happy and calm in a range of situations. Alongside plenty of exercises, the sessions are a great way to provide mental stimulus for your dog to reduce anxiety or over-excitement, or simply to have fun with your bright, active furry friend!


So what do we learn?

  • Walking beside owner off-lead 

  • Recall to side and continue walking 

  • Road Walks, basics and approaching roads, stopping, waiting for cue

  • Multi-position stays 

  • Down stays out of sight

  • Tricks 

  • Relaxed isolation 

  • Sending dog to bed (not in disgrace) 

  • Good food manners and leaves 

  • Finish cue 

  • Emergency Stop

  • And much more....  


Once you're up to date on the basics, the course it will be full of progressions, such as longer out of sight stays, bed cues, emergency stop progressions, advanced tricks, finish cue alterations and middle cues, advanced leave techniques and road walk progressions.This is a high level course so it is unlikely dogs will pass the test first time round but it is meant for progression and tests will run every 6-weeks for those that want them. 


Course Costs?

 £9 per week pay as you go, tests held every 6-weeks.


  • Thurs 9th April 7:00pm @Furry Tails Dog World, Upton (60 minute session)

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St. Andrew's United Church. Rowson St (Corner with Egerton Street), New Brighton, Wallasey CH45 2LY

Call Rachel: 07875 844130